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Military Families

Military Families

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McLaurin High School is committed to providing a welcoming school environment for all families. For students from military families, this means understanding the unique challenges that come with military life, including frequent moves, deployments of a loved one and school requirements that vary from state to state.


Transition Planning

Welcome to the McLaurin Zone.  For more information on local real estate, healthcare, retail, dining & recreation, click below: 






Academic Planning

Registration information:


Rankin County School District Handbook:


McLaurin High School offers special education services. 

Information about special education services:



Student-Led Transition Program

Our Student Council is dedicated to welcoming new students. They provide school tours, assist with locating classes, explain school procedures and answer questions.  Student Council at McLaurin High School also checks in with our new students periodically to help direct them to the resources they may need. 


Mental Health Services

Military life can be very stressful.  In addition to the 2 school counselors on site at McLaurin High School, Rankin County School District provides additional resources and supports.



Statewide Military School Liaison Contacts

Larry Mullins, NAS Meridian
Office: 601-679-2473
Cell: 601-479-2025

Mona Odom, NCBC Gulfport
Office: 228-871-2117
Cell: 228-323-6105

Joni L. Nalley, Columbus AFB
Office: 662-434-2792
Cell: 662-352-6456

Gerald Cross, Keesler AFB
Office 228-376-8505




Resources for Military Families

American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.  - https://www.goldstarmoms.com/

The American Legion - https://www.legion.org/

American Red Cross - https://www.redcross.org/

Army Reserve Family Programs - https://www.usar.army.mil/ARFP/

Blue Star Families - https://bluestarfam.org/

The Comfort Crew for Military Kids - https://www.comfortcrew.org/

Family Guidebook: Dealing with Deployment -https://www.comfortcrew.org/downloads/FamilyGuidebook_Deployment.pdf

Fisher House Foundation - https://www.fisherhouse.org/

Gold Star Wives of America, Inc. - https://www.goldstarwives.org/

Military Child Education Coalition - https://www.militarychild.org/

National Military Family Association - https://www.militaryfamily.org/

Military Home Front - https://youth.gov/federal-links/military-homefront

Military One Source - https://www.militaryonesource.mil/

Military Officers Association of America - https://www.moaa.org/

National Resource Directory - https://nrd.gov/

Operation Homefront - https://operationhomefront.org/

Operation Military Kids - https://www.operationmilitarykids.org/

Operation We Are Here - https://www.operationwearehere.com/

Our Military Kids - https://www.ourmilitarykids.org/

School Quest - https://schoolquest.militarychild.org/

Surviving Deployment - https://www.militaryspouse.com/military-life/deployment/50-tips-for-surviving-deployment/

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors - https://www.taps.org/

Tutor.com - https://military.tutor.com/home

United Through Reading - https://unitedthroughreading.org/military-appreciation-month/

USO Pathfinder - https://www.uso.org/programs/uso-pathfinder-transition-program

The Trevor Romain Company - https://www.trevorromain.com/